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Latest A14 Drone Videos of the Work in Progress

Highways England's A14 fly through
Highways England's A14 fly through.
I have put this up before but it is well worth another looks now that we can see such progress with the groundwork.

A14 Closures dates and Alternative Routes Wednesday 13th December 2017 to Sunday 24th December 2017
I am on the list to receive updated closure information. I will post it here as soon as I get it.

Click on the map for PDF file & directions.
Click here to see the details updated 13th December.
Day time & Night time Lane and Slip Road Closures
Wednesday 13th December 2017 to Sunday 24th December 2017
Approximate hours
Day time = 09:30 to 15:30
Night time = 20:00hrs to 06:00hrs
EB = East Bound = towards Cambridge
WB = West Bound = towards Huntington

Rubbish collection dates for Bar Hill
Note: Paper caddies will continue to be collected up to and including Friday 8 December 2017. From Monday 11 December 2017, they will no longer be collected, and from that date paper should be placed directly into the blue bin.

  • Thurs 23rd Nov. green and blue bins
  • Thurs 30th Nov. black bin
  • Thurs 7th Dec. blue bin only
  • Thurs 14th Dec. black bin
  • Thurs 21st Dec. green and blue bins
  • Sat 30th Dec. black bin
  • Sat 6th Jan. blue bin only
  • Fri 12th Jan. black bin
  • Thurs 18th. Jan. green and blue bins
  • Thurs 25th Jan. black bin
  • Thurs 1st Feb. blue bin only
  • Thurs 8th Feb. black bin

A14 Drone Videos of the Work in Progress
These videos are by Jonathan Tracey and are on YouTube. Linked for easy access. just click the date.
17th November 2017(Swavesey). 17th November 2017(Girton). 17th November 2017(Bar Hill). 28th Sept 2017(Bar Hill). 27th Sept 2017(Girton). 27th Sept 2017(Swavesey). 30th June 2017(Bar Hill). 26th June 2017(Swavesey). 5th June 2017(Northstowe). 19 May 2017. 19 May 2017. 19 Apr 2017.
18 Apr 2017. 16 Apr 2017. 3 Apr 2017 (2). 3 Apr 2017. 24 Mar 2017. 21 Feb 2017.

New Play Park Now Officially Open
This facility is aimed at the young people of Bar Hill i.e. the 11 to 15 year olds. It seems to popular and has been in use whenever I pass by.
The Parish council had a well attended meeting (30+ young people) to identify their needs and it does look like this was a success.
There are a couple of things still to complete. The tarmac area in front of the goal unit is still to be laid and we need to get some rubbish bins located nearby. It would be also be good to get Wi-Fi to the hangout unit and probably not too expensive.
defib2 defib2
defib2 defib2

National Power Cut Phone Line.

Click on the picture for the full details,or find more information on the website:

Bar Hill Early History update
Last Friday, 22nd January 2016, We had a visit from Brian Falk one of the team that was instrumental in the original creation of Bar Hill.
Brian has passed to us a number of interesting documents and photos from the early days and I will make them available as soon as I can. This may take a little time as I need to digitise a lot of slides.
Brian has sent us a document that shows the growth of the village from the original 2,500 people to where we are today (4,500). Click here to view it.
I have copied the first set of 10 original drawings that were used to support the original planning proposal. Click here to view them.

Community Automated External Defibrillator
defib2 A Community Automated External Defibrillator has been installed on the Parish Council office wall. This device is available all day every day, is very simple to use by untrained people and is fully automated. If you want more information about this please email the webmaster or phone the Parish Council Office
There is a page of information giving more information about this here.