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A resident from Pheasant Rise visited the Parish Council office to report that yesterday (Tuesday 28th Oct) afternoon from approx’ 2pm onwards two youngish men dressed in black trousers and black tee-shirts were knocking on doors. Her husband answered and they said they were from St John’s Ambulance Service and were taking donations. He offered them £5 but they declined saying they were only taking donations by direct debit and asked for his bank account details, which he did not give.
We believe that this is a scam and if anyone has given bank details they should warn their bank!!

We've been Googled
Bar Hill (or at least Field View) is having its Google Street View updated Click Here for a picture

Vacancy for a Parish Clerk
Our current Parish Clerk, Leigh Baffa, is leaving us after many years of excellent service. Latest information about the job and details of how to apply here.

I will flag any new additions to the page of flood information as I get them.
You can find the page here

Major road works on the A14
The Parish Council has received a letter regarding the coming major repairs to the A14. Some houses have already received a letter and a pass from Amey (the contractors for this work). The text of the letter can be read here

New community singing event
A choir for anyone suffering from Alzheimer's, or anybody who merely enjoys singing is being formed.
Sing-a-longs will take place in the Village Hall each Monday from 13th October between 1 and 3 p.m.
This follows a similar project in Fulbourn which currently attracts over 30 singers.

Local police presence spread thinner
There have been some changes within the local policing team which will take immediate effect. In addition to Girton, Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Lolworth and Boxworth, Elsworth, knapwell, Connington and Gravely have been added.
For a description of the powers of the Police Community Support Officer click here

Community Automated External Defibrillator
defib2 A Community Automated External Defibrillator has been installed on the Parish Council office wall. This device is available all day every day, is very simple to use by untrained people and is fully automated. If you want more information about this please email the webmaster or phone the Parish Council Office
There is a page of information giving more information about this here.

Anthony Mitchell has put together a useful fact sheet
To see it please click here. or click here to download a PDF copy

2 County Reports September 2014 from Councillor John Reynolds
Please click here to download a PDF copy of the first report.
Please click here to download a PDF copy of the second report

Bar Hill Community Car Scheme
The Community Car Scheme provides door-to-door transport for people who do not have the use of a car. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are DBS checked and fully insured.
For more information please go here

Information regarding Longstowe
Including the plans for flood prevention and reference to a Roman street on the site
To read this report please go here.

County Report August 30th 2014 from Councillor John Reynolds
To read this report please go here.

Changes to the rubbish collection in Bar Hill
From the 1st September, the timing and frequency of the bin collections in Bar Hill will be changed.
For more information please go here.

Bar Hill Wetland Project
For over a year now there has been work to implement a project to improve the Nature Reserve. The aim is to retain more water in the balancing lake in times of heavy rainfall whilst maintaining the environment. The project is well advanced and the Parish Council is investigating the funding of this project. To provide more information about about this project I plan to create a page of information and I plan to keep a blog of pictures once the project is underway (hopefully later this year). To read the plan for this work look at
Wetland Project Brief July 2014 and Area of work and Design of Detention Basin Weir
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