The parish council has established an Environmental committee to look after all the village Environmental infrastructure. This committee will meet monthly in the Parish Council Office at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Any items for the agenda should be sent to the parish clerk by the Monday of the preceding week.
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For the next 3 years the front of our village will be subject to a massive upheaval as the A14 upgrade program gets underway. The first effects are already showing and the area beside the flyover that is our infiltration pond that is an important part of the village surface water drainage system has had a complete haircut removing 40 years of tree and shrub growth. I have taken some photos showing the new face of the pond and I will have to do this at regular intervals as the changes have only just started. go to the page to view the pictures old and new.

During August 2015 a program of work was undertaken to refurbish some important areas of the village surface water system. To read the quote for the work click here
The areas tackled were the Saxon Way ditch which follows the western edge of the village from just north of the Longstanton footpath and disappears back undergound by the Trafalgar Way industrial area. The poor state of this ditch is thought to be the main reason that the manhole at the corner of the Hanover housing unit keeps on failing. Another important item is the Infiltration pond at the entrance to the village. This needs money spent to clean it out as it has become rather overgrown. It is often referred to as a "balancing pond" but, as it is not connected to any water courses, it is really just an infiltration pond (a large soakaway). It was part of the original drainage of the village and was significantly modified when the A604 was upgraded to become the A14 and it was long thought that its original use was to take excess water from the A14 and to provide the earth to build the flyover. This part of the village is owned by the Parish Council but it is not clear what will happen to it when the A14 upgrade is done and there is rumour of compulsory purchase. I now have reasonably accurate data on how it links to the village drainage system and it is clear that it is a vital part of the village drainage system.
I have produced a pdf file with the latest understanding of how the surface water drainage of the village is managed. Click here to see the details.

Surface Water Drainage Assets
Saxon Way ditch: This ditch is the main drain taking the surface water from Pheasant Rise, Oatlands Avenue, Otter Gardens,Otter Close and Partridge Drive. These all connect to a main Ø375mm drain running parallel to the Spine Path. This drain follows the Spine Path until it reaches the back of Hanover Housing. Here it increases in size to Ø600 and turns west behind Hanover Housing, north up to the south side of the first line of Viking Way industrial units and then west to run parallel to Viking way, behind the row of industrial units. It then continues under Saxon way to connect to the outfall at the start of the Saxon Way ditch. At the end of the Saxon Way ditch the water returns underground via a grill and sump and joins up with the Viking way drains and the Tesco drains. The water then flows into the infiltration pond via a Ø1050mm pipe entering about opposite the skate park site near the bus stop on the flyover.

Infiltration pond: This is the large pond by the flyover. Recent work has shown that it is a vital part of the village drainage. All of the surface water that doesn't flow into Dam Brook flows into this infiltration pond. Water from the infiltration pond flows out into a ditch running parallel to the A14 (the A14 ditch) and into the Longstanton stream.

Dam Brook: This Brook enters the village from Dry Drayton at the south east corner of the village and runs through the centre of the village exiting via the golf course. It takes the surface water from all the residential properties from Stonefield in the south west corner around to Robin close at the north side of the village. There is a large balancing pond where the brook enters the village.

Longstanton Stream: This stream comes down from Childerly and runs through the farmland to the west of the village. It runs north along the edge of the village for a short distance before turning east through parish council land until it reaches the Domino site. It runs through Domino land before returning to parish council land. It exits the village through a large culvert under the A14. Just before it exits the village it is joined by the A14 ditch taking water from the infiltration basin.

A14 ditch: This ditch runs from close to the infiltration basin parallel to the A14 and joins up with the Longstantion stream just before it exits the village under the A14. It predates the building of the A14 and directs water from the infiltration basin into the Longstantion stream.

This 'living on the edge' guide explains the rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership (Riperian ownership).

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