The Bar Hill Flood Event of the 8th August 2014
On Friday 8th August 2014 the village experienced the heaviest fall of rain for the last 40 years. A total of 102mm of rain fell in just 30mins. A significant area of the village was flooded and even Tesco's Superstore was forced to close. Cars were trapped, the A14 impassable for a short while, nearly 80 houses flooded.
The Environment Agency rain gauge, upstream from Oakington at Uttons Drove (near Swavesy), received 140mm rainfall between 12:00 and 18:00 on Friday 8 August. Equivalent to three months of rainfall in six hours or 300% of the monthly long term average rainfall for this area.

The main thrust of the water seems to have run off of the playing field, the fields behind Bar Hill or come up through the village drainage system from the pressure of water from further up the hill.
A very rough calculation shows me that some 2.5 million gallons of water fell on Tesco and the industrial area around it and that doesn't take any account of the water rushing out of the drains or running in from other parts of the village.

Flood Meeting
On the August 23rd a meeting about the flood was held in the Bar Hill church. The attendees for the meeting panel were:-
  • Sass Pledger, Flood & Water Team, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Emma Murden, Highways Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Graham Tweed, Children’s Families & Adults Directorate, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Pat Matthews, Drainage Manager, South Cambs District Council
  • Rob Mungovan, Ecological Officer, South Cambs District Council
  • Georgina Nichols, Environment Agency
  • Sergeant Mark Rabel, Cambridgeshire Constabulary
I am not sure if anything useful was achieved but I am trying to get a copy of the minutes (if any were taken) and I will add them here when/if they become available.

The Parish Council is looking to see what, if anything, could mitigate the effects of this sort of event. The parish council has taken a number of actions:-
Here are a couple of links to PDF files with more useful information about the flooding in Oakington.
A link to a map showing the areas of Bar Hill at risk of surface water flooding.
Bar Hill flood risk map
A link to a map showing the villages around Bar Hill & their risk of surface water flooding.
Local area flood risk map

There is information about flood insurance here

Bar Hill Post Flood Update newsletters
Cambridge County Council has published newsletter No. 1 regarding the August 2014 flooding. to read it click here
Cambridge County Council has published newsletter No. 2 regarding the August 2014 flooding. to read it click here
Cambridge County Council has published newsletter No. 3 regarding the August 2014 flooding. to read it click here

The Parish Council has been contacted by the National Flood forum:-
I fully understand the support that these flooded people need. With our recovery programme we have worked intensively recently for Surrey County Council & Kent, Maidstone Borough Council. We would be happy to come and do the same here in a less intensive way, perhaps the recovery trailer for the day. Unfortunately, because we are a charity with no core funding we do have to charge for our services. Please find attached out Flood Event Recovery Services information.
There is more information about the service provided here

Here are some links to videos of the event:-
If anyone has any pictures of the event or its aftermath please send them to me (webmaster) and I will add them to this page.

flood 1
Along the school path.
flood 1
Primary School flooding.
flood 1
Somewhere in Bar Hill.
flood 2
Tesco's car park drain.
flood 2
Along the spine path.
flood 2
Somewhere in Bar Hill.
flood 2
Industrial area & perimeter road.
flood 2
Escaping Bar Hill.
flood 2
Looking towards Dry Draton from the footpath bridge.
flood 2
The flooded balancing lake from the footpath bridge.